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  • Our Guiding Principle
    Our Guiding Principle

    This one is simple: If we don't think that we can put you in a better position than you would already be in on your own, then we won't take your case. While it doesn't happen often enough, there are ...

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  • Arm Yourself!
    Arm Yourself!

    Throughout our website and our blogs, we make it clear that our desire is for all injured workers to be fully advised of their rights and options. We speak to so many people who have been given wrong ...

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  • Kansas - The Storm Is Upon Us
    Kansas - The Storm Is Upon Us

    We'd previously written about the drastic and extremely harsh changes that the Kansas legislature and Brownback administration brought to their workers' compensation laws. You can read our initial ...

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  • Location Really Does Matter!
    Location Really Does Matter!

    With the ever-changing and often worsening workers' compensation laws, which states' rules can apply will often make a significant difference. Kansas and Missouri each have plusses and minuses in ...

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  • Kansas Is Out to Screw Injured Workers... Again
    Kansas Is Out to Screw Injured Workers... Again

    If you live and vote in Kansas please take the time to read this. Changes are being made to the workers' compensation system that will have a very real and very damaging impact on individuals and ...

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  • Kansas Workers' Comp FAQ
    Kansas Workers' Comp FAQ

    What should I do if I've been hurt at work in a work-related accident ? Tell your employer first. Once you have received medical treatment and informed your employee, you should begin gathering any ...

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