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Work Related Accident Lawyer

Have you been injured at work?

If you have been injured in a work related accident, your expenses will in most circumstances be covered by the workers' compensation insurance that your employer is required by law to provide. Workers' comp benefits generally cover all types of injuries that you could suffer in the workplace. As soon as possible after a work related accident, you should notify your supervisor or designated company representative in order to preserve your right to any benefits you may be entitled to.

  • Construction Accidents Carpenters, plumbers, heavy equipment operators and others who work on construction sites are exposed to severe hazards all around them every day they go to work. Unstable structures, dangerous tools and negligent co-workers all pose a threat to life and limb. A construction injury will often debilitate the victim for weeks or months, and in some cases it may make it impossible to continue in the profession, meaning that a workers' comp settlement is vital.
  • Auto Accidents Your employer's insurance responsibilities do not only provide you with coverage for workers' compensation when you are in the building of the company, but also when you are in a company vehicle performing your work duties. If your job duties require you to drive or ride in a car or truck during work hours and you were injured in an accident, you can file a claim for your expenses and to help you recover. In addition to a workers' compensation claim, you may have a civil claim for personal injury damages if the accident was caused by the negligence of another.
  • Slip and Fall Accidents Slip and fall accidents are among the most common sources of workplace injuries, and they will usually have serious repercussions for the victim. Immediately after the accident, such injuries as bruises, broken bones or head trauma will often be apparent, and injuries to the spinal cord or brain will often be diagnosed later on, all of which can require costly treatment and time off to recover. As with any on the job injuries, it is vital to thoroughly describe any ongoing symptoms or change in your symptoms as time goes on.
  • Electrical Accidents Victims of electrical accidents rarely escape with minor injuries, but are often forced to suffer severe burns, electric shock or even death from heart failure. Unfortunately, electrocution injuries often result in long-term effects that are difficult to fully diagnose but are very real to the injured worker. Don't be afraid to describe exactly what your symptoms are even if they don't seem to make sense. Electrical fires are another major source of injury. Electricians and construction workers are among the most commonly injured in this type of accident, but workers in any field can be exposed to the dangers of unsafe electrical systems.

Work Related Accident Attorney in Kansas City

Workers' compensation claims throughout the Kansas City area are generally handled by a small group of insurance defense attorneys working for the employers and Administrative Law Judges overseeing the area. Michael Haight and Mike Stang have spent years working both against and with these individuals to establish their reputations for having a command of the workers' compensation laws and their ability to use those laws to maximize benefits for their clients.

When you or a loved one has been injured in an accident at work, you should speak with a Kansas City workers compensation attorney from Haight Stang, LLC to learn what you can do to make sure that your family receives the financial support you need to get through this difficult time. It is our pledge that from the initial consultation until the conclusion of your claim, you will always know where you stand, what the next step will be and that everything that can be accomplished on your behalf will be. You will never feel uninformed or alone. Our goal is to help you obtain the maximum benefit possible.

Contact a Kansas City work related accident lawyer when your livelihood has been threatened by injuries at work.