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Kansas Workers' Comp FAQ


What should I do if I've been hurt at work in a work-related accident?
Tell your employer first. Once you have received medical treatment and informed your employee, you should begin gathering any evidence or documents that may be needed. A workers' comp attorney can help you make sure your rights are legal protected.

Should I file with the state to receive compensation?
Kansas is not involved in workers' composition claims unless the injured is a state employee. Usually, a successful claim is paid for by the employer's insurance carrier.

How much compensation will I earn now that I am injured and not working?
Your benefits are based off of two-thirds of your average weekly wage or up to three-quarters of the state's average weekly rate.

How long until I am paid?
You will not receive the Temporary Total Disability benefits during the first week of lost time. If you are not working for 21 days straight or more, the first seven will be paid to you.

What sort of medical treatment will I be receiving?
You are entitled to reasonably necessary treatment for your injuries, which can include diagnostic services, surgery, physical therapy, and prescription medications. You shouldn't have to pay any deductible or co-payment under workers' compensation. Your employer or insurer is will likely be choosing an authorized provider for you.

Do I get reimbursed for missed time form work for doctor appointments and travel?
Employers and insurers are not required to pay for time off work to seek treatment. On the other hand, you are entitled to reimbursement for travel for medical-related mileage for trips over five miles.

How can I know if a settlement is the right legal amount?
The Ombudsman Section of the Division of Workers Compensation can help with this concern. They can go over the way to calculate your amount based on the information you provide. If you have more questions regarding the amount of your settlement, you can talk with the lawyers at our firm.

Am I allowed to get a second opinion or visit another doctor for treatment?
You are allowed to receive treatment from an unauthorized provider, however, there is a $500 limit for medical treatment. If you feel you have been inadequately compensated, you may need to take legal action. Haight Stang, LLC can work to bring you justice for your workplace injury.

To ensure that you fairly treated and compensated, call the Kansas City workers comp lawyers at Haight Stang, LLC right away!