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Workers' Comp Benefits

What are workers' compensation medical benefits?

Medical costs are the responsibility of your employer and the employer's insurance carrier. Whether you suffered a slip and fall accident or a severe construction accident injury, your medical costs are covered under your employer's workers compensation insurance plan. Once your claim is accepted, you should never have to make a co-payment or pay any other fee for medical care associated with your work injury.

Unfortunately, your employer's insurance carrier will take every opportunity to interpret reasonable, necessary and related medical treatment in order to limit or deny medical and wage benefits. When you have suffered injury or illness at work, you don't need the added frustration of delays and denials of your legitimate claim. You need competent problem-solvers. Consult a Kansas City workers' compensation attorney. With nearly 50 years' experience in workers' comp claims, there is no injury or medical benefits problem we have not encountered.

What kinds of medical benefits can I expect?

If you were hurt or became ill on the job, you are entitled to receive medical treatment at no cost to you. Some of the medical benefits you may receive, depending on your medical need, include:

  • Doctor visits
  • Surgery and hospital expenses
  • Prescription drugs and other over-the-counter medications
  • Medical devices and supplies, such as wheelchairs, braces, crutches

In addition to these medical benefits, several levels of disability benefit may apply:

  • Temporary total disability applies when your doctor states you are unable to work.
  • Permanent partial disability applies when you are unable to return to work at your current job. In this case you will be offered a lump sum settlement payment for your permanent injury.
  • Permanent total disability benefits apply when your injuries prevent you from work of any kind. In this case you will be offered a sum in settlement of your total disability.

Will I receive wage loss benefits?

Any serious injury or illness that prevents someone from working for a significant amount of time can spell disaster financially. Workers' comp offers a wage loss benefit to minimize the blow to employees who are hurt on the job. This is a percentage of your wage weekly until you are able to return to any form of work and are still receiving treatment for your work-related injuries. You may still be eligible for wage loss benefits while on light duty for less than full pay.

It is certain that your employer's insurance company will always be represented by experienced workers' compensation attorneys. You deserve experience and confidence in your corner. Contact a Kansas City workers' compensation attorneytoday.