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Kansas City Auto Accident Attorney


In Kansas City, automobiles and trucks are essential for industry. Whether you earn a living in construction, road work, mining, railway work or farming, your job will require travel from one place to another by car or truck. Delivery jobs and work requiring sales and repair calls all demand operation of company-owned or personal vehicles. In these cases, the workplace or work environment includes all the roadways traveled in the course of a workday.

It is an unfortunate truth that over 2,400 deaths each year are attributable to occupational motor vehicle incidents, including roadway crashes. High rates of serious injury are also attributable to operation of cars and trucks to accomplish work. When you have suffered injury due to a work-related accident involving a car or truck, it is important to understand the workers' compensation system. We can eliminate any confusion, give you a firm understanding of what we can accomplish on your behalf and what it will take to obtain compensation for your injuries. As the person suffering through a life-altering injury, you deserve a Kansas City workers' compensation attorney who will thoroughly discuss and explain the benefits available to you.


Each year in the U.S. there are more than 6,000,000 car and truck accidents. Half result in injuries and a third result in some degree of permanent disability. Injuries associated with occupational auto and truck accidents not only vary with the severity of the impact, but also with the work environment.

Hazardous driving conditions at the worksite itself, as well as those on city streets, highways and freeways, can result in serious personal injuries, including:

Job site or on-the-job auto and truck accidents can become complex, especially when third-parties, who control different tasks on a work site, are involved. In most industries third-party entities are established to control various functions. Certain projects may involve multiple supervisors from many companies. In these situations, it may be difficult to know whether another party is liable for your injuries. If third-party liability can be established, then you may be entitled to personal injury damages in addition to benefits under workers' compensation. The attorneys at Haight Stang, LLC can fully advise you of your rights and potential claims, and can help you to secure the maximum recovery for your injuries.

For the experience and dedication to handle any workplace accident injury case, contact a Kansas City auto accident attorney today.