Our Guiding Principle

Signing Papers

This one is simple: If we don't think that we can put you in a better position than you would already be in on your own, then we won't take your case.

While it doesn't happen often enough, there are times that the insurance carrier actually does do everything correctly. The injured worker receives appropriate medical treatment from qualified doctors in a timely manner. Temporary disability benefits are paid while he or she is off of work and recovering from the injury. The claims representative confirms that a disability rating will be requested from their doctor at the end of it all and a settlement offer will be made.

When people call our office and tell us these things, we will actually advise them that they do not need to hire us at that point unless they just don't want to go it alone. We'll gladly be available to answer questions along the way and, only if and when we feel that we can make a positive difference in that person's net result we will recommend that they come in and sign up. Of course, our guarantee as explained on our website will likely apply to such a situation.

There are times where medical treatment is being provided but it is just with an occupational clinic physician when a surgeon is really needed. There are also times where the injured worker is placed on a reduced work schedule while recovering but isn't receiving temporary disability from the insurance carrier. There is certainly more than just the settlement offer at the end that can be an issue, and it's important to speak with us simply to confirm what can and should be happening in any given situation. There are also times where the settlement offer won't be even close to what we can get through our representation and, if needed, by going to trial. We can usually tell this based on which doctor the insurance carrier is using.

Some well-known and quite successful law firms seem to have a guiding principle of, "Can we make enough money off of this person to make it worthwhile for us?". While some cases simply cannot be won simply based on the facts or the controlling law, this should NOT be the question the lawyer asks himself. At Haight Stang, LLC, the first question is, what's in it for you. Give us a call to find out.

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