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Construction Accident Lawyer in Kansas City


Construction is one of the nation's most complex and dangerous industries. Out of over 4,000 worker fatalities in U.S. private industry in 2010, one fifth of them were in construction.

Over half of these deaths were due to what OSHA identifies "Construction's "Fatal Four:"

  • Falls - Slip and fall accidents accounted for 40% of worker fatalities at construction sites.
  • Electrocutions - Electrical accidents resulted in 10% of the deaths.
  • Struck by Object - 8% of the fatalities were attributed to being struck against a stationary object, or to being struck by a falling, flying, slipping or swinging object.
  • Caught-in-Between - 4% of the construction deaths were due to being caught in running equipment or between shifting objects or crushed in a collapsing structure.

To these fatalities can be added the tens of thousands of serious construction injuries annually. Secretary of Labor, Hilda Solis states: "Every year in America, 3.3 million people suffer a workplace injury from which they may never recover. These are preventable tragedies that disable our workers, devastate our families and damage our economy." If a construction accident or fatality has put you and your family at risk, it is vital that you call a Kansas City workers' compensation attorney today to ensure that everything that can be accomplished on your behalf will be done.


Choosing a firm that understands the complex working environments associated with the construction industry, is vital to receiving full compensation for your workplace injury. Whether you are involved in home, commercial, highway, mining or railway construction, the jobsite will more than likely involve multiple companies and workers or third-parties. Through negligence or otherwise failing to comply to safety standards, others may create situations of third-party liability. For instance, improper heavy equipment maintenance, non-standard equipment lockouts and mishandling of electrical lines can mean serious truck and auto accidents, electric shock, loss of limb and death. Under state law, you may be able to recover from other parties responsible for your work related accident injury.

Contact a Kansas City construction accident attorney today for the full care and compensation you deserve on your workplace injury claim.