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Electrical Accidents


Electricity is a basic part of our modern, fast-paced computer age, both at home and on the job. Engineers, electricians, electronic technicians and power line workers, directly handle electricity as part of their jobs every day. All administrative personnel, sales people and home office workers indirectly handle electricity as a necessary part of daily work. Literally, such physical power demands the responsibility to know and control the hazards electricity poses to every worker.

Failing to treat it with the respect it deserves, exposes employees to devastating personal injuries, including:

  • Electric shock
  • Electrocution
  • Flash burns
  • Burns from fire
  • Severe and fatal injury due to electrical explosions

Last year, 80 fatal construction accidents were attributed to electrocution in that industry alone. An electrical accident or fatality is a devastating, life-altering experience. If you or a family member has suffered as the result of a workplace injury, consulting a Kansas City workers compensation attorney can bring you the knowledge, legal support and peace of mind you deserve. At Haight Stang, LLC, it is our pledge that everything that can be accomplished on your behalf will be done. You will NEVER feel uninformed or alone.


When electrical accidents happen at work, it is vital that you understand the workers comp process and what workers comp benefits you have a right to expect from your claim. Rights of injured workers vary from industry to industry, depending on the hazardous nature of the job and upon the seriousness of the injuries.

Serious electrical accidents often cause:

  • Central nervous system damage, resulting in temporary or permanent paralysis
  • Scarring and disfigurement, requiring reconstructive surgery
  • Muscle and soft tissue damage, requiring surgery and physical therapy
  • Emotional trauma

This degree of serious injury should result in a permanent partial disability rating by your treating doctor. The operative word is "should." All too often workers must face not only the delays built into the workers' compensation system, they must also attempt to stand up to the disinterest and outright greed of large insurance companies. Since the employer, the insurance carrier, and the doctors THEY choose will consistently push you to accept as little treatment, time off from work and compensation as possible, it can seem like "David vs. Goliath." You do not have stand up to them on your own!

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