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Kansas City Workers' Comp Claims Attorney

Issues with Workers' Compensation Claims

Although you have a legal right to workers' compensation following an on-the-job injury, there are many issues that may arise which impede your attempts to recover the payment you need. Your employer may protest that your injury was actually sustained on the job, thus endangering your entire claim. The insurance company may elect any number of grounds, no matter how irrelevant you know them to be, on which to question your claim. They may delay payment with all manner of tactics. They may approve far less than you require to cope with the aftermath of your accident, or may terminate your benefits before you have fully recovered.

When this type of unjust treatment threatens to send you back to work before you have fully recovered or to interrupt the medical care you so desperately need, talk to a Kansas City workers' compensation lawyer. Your legal counsel can take on the insurance company and your employer as needed and advocate for your rights. You legal counsel can also review your claim and amend as needed, knowing what the insurance companies are looking for and the loopholes they use to avoid payment.

Legal Help with Workers' Comp Claims

At Haight Stang, LLC, our extensive experience addressing all aspects of workers' compensation claims means we can act promptly and decisively in your best interests. We can help you with any and all needed steps from the moment of your accident right through to hearings and appeals. Mike Stang is AV® rated with Martindale-Hubbell®, AV being the highest possible peer rating for ethical conduct and professional skill. Michael Haight is a recipient of the James P. Mize Trial Advocacy Award and the American Jurisprudence Award in Advanced Litigation.

Contact a Kansas City workers' comp claims lawyer for help pursuing the compensation you need.