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Your Rights as an Injured Worker

Workers' Comp – Know Your Rights

The workers' compensation system is such that employers, insurance companies and the doctors they elect to work with, operating to protect their own profits, can act against your best interests. In order to avoid becoming a victim on their efforts to have you accept as little treatment, time off work and compensation as possible, it is vital you know your rights. A Kansas City workers' compensation attorney can guide you competently through your case and advocate for you throughout.

Some fundamental guidelines you should keep in mind include that you have the right to:

  • Be treated by the physician of your choosing.
  • Seek a second medical opinion. Referrals are also allowed.
  • Refuse the involvement of a rehabilitation nurse, sometimes assigned by an insurance carrier to act as a liaison for the injured worker, doctor and insurance company.
  • Refuse to provide a written or tape recorded statement.
  • Retain your job following a work related injury.
  • Vocational rehabilitation if your injuries have left you unable to perform within your previous role.
  • Greater benefits if your injury was the result of your employer's failure to comply with safety laws.
  • Prompt payment.
  • Make a bad faith insurance claim if workers' comp benefits are denied you for no valid reason.
  • Make a social security disability claim while receiving workers' comp benefits.

Kansas City Workers' Compensation Lawyer

At Haight Stang, LLC, we pledge to be accessible to you throughout your case and guarantee to offer only honest information. When your health, well-being, future and rights are on the line, you need legal representation that will act only in your best interests. We can help you to understand how your rights under the law apply in your particular case and help you navigate through the workers' comp process.

For help protecting your rights after an on-the-job injury, contact a Kansas City workers' compensation attorneytoday.