If We Can, We Will

A very nice client of ours suffered a rather serious injury to her low back in November of 2015. The insurance carrier did everything they could to ignore and minimize her situation, and her employer refused to provide her with any work. That's when she got us involved.

The insurance company's attorney did everything possible to cause delay and misstate the facts both to the Judge and the doctors involved. Out of hundreds of pages of medical records, there were three mistakes in describing the accident itself and when it happened. Somehow, they thought that this would be enough for them to avoid liability or perhaps to make us give up. It was never going to happen. We knew the truth, and our client is a good and honest person who was in a bad spot.

After multiple hearings and depositions, the Judge was able to cut through the fog and do the right thing. Our client is now going to receive the surgery she has so desperately needed, and the insurance carrier wasted thousands of dollars in litigation fees and temporary disability benefits that have built up over the months. Maybe next time, they'll be just a touch wiser although we would be surprised.

The current law doesn't do enough to protect injured workers but, when the facts are at least solid enough, we won't quit until the job is done. The good people who retain us deserve nothing less.