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Process of a Workers' Compensation Claim


The process of seeking workers' compensation can vary based on the state that you are in. If you are a worker who has been injured, it is recommended that you speak with a Kansas City workers' compensation lawyer to discuss your situation. In Missouri, the process of seeking workers' compensation is as follows:

  • Reporting the Injury: Once the accident takes place or you become aware of an illness, you need to report this to your employer as soon as possible. This needs to be done within 30 days as a minimum or else you could lose your right to compensation. Your employer will then need to report the instance to their insurance company.
  • Seeking Medical Treatment: If the injury is extensive enough then make sure that you are treated by a medical professional. You will also want to keep track of your medical records since this can be important to your case.
  • Know the Benefits: Depending on your situation there may be different benefits you received. Benefits can include lost wages, reasonable medical treatment and disability benefits. A spouse or children may also be eligible to receive benefits if a worker has been fatally injured. Funeral expenses will also be covered for as much as $5,000.
  • File a Claim for Compensation: If you have not received the full benefits you deserve and have contacted your employer and the insurance company about this, then the next step can be to file a Claim for Compensations.
  • Appeals: Once you have completed the hearing and have been given an award by the judge, you can seek to have the case reviewed by the Labor and Industrial Relations Commission. Decisions are not always fair so an appeal may be necessary.

This is a general guidelines of the process but as each situation is unique, the process can also vary. Make sure that you have capable representation on your case seeking the benefits you need. Call Haight Stang, LLC today for more than just the typical attorney.