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A New Breed of Lawyers...


Welcome to the first blog entry for the law firm of Haight Stang, LLC! Our goal will be to inform, enlighten and (if it's even possible) entertain readers about workers' compensation in Kansas and Missouri. While our website,, will present more general information about workers' compensation deadlines, benefits, and do's and don'ts, we'll delve a bit deeper into specific areas and experiences here in future entries.

Mike Haight and Mike Stang have been practicing workers' compensation for more than 40 years combined. A portion of our earlier years was spent as defense attorneys working for the employers and insurance companies on the other side. We each then spent several years prosecuting claims for injured workers - but did so under guidelines and outdated systems set by others. There is a better way.

We both feel that one of the most frustrating yet fixable problems with this system is the lack of information and understanding for the workers it is supposed to help. The rules as written and the limits in available benefits are already frustrating enough. We hope to empower and motivate the readers of this blog to know their rights and, ultimately, to help our clients receive everything they are entitled to under the law. We would welcome any questions or comments either here or by giving us a call at (913) 498-9779 or at (816) 268-4151. Stay tuned!