Workers’ Comp Settlements

Workers' Comp Settlements: Is it Worth It?

Should You Enter Into a Settlement? Learn More from the Experienced Legal Team at Haight Stang, LLC

In most cases, your employer's workers' compensation insurance company will pressure you to accept a settlement that closes your case completely. It means they will not pay any additional compensation and, more importantly, will not provide any more medical treatment for your work injury. The dollar amount may be tempting, but will it be sufficient in the long term? On that point, you must not assume your personal health insurance will provide treatment of your injury after you settle your case. In fact, it probably won't since your insurance company will consider treatment for a work injury is your employer's responsibility.

If for any reason you are not ready to settle your claim or if you want to maintain some of your rights in a settlement, it is important to hold your ground. A Kansas City workers' compensation attorney can help you stand up to pressures to settle your claim without proper protection of your rights. Your medical and financial situations are unique. Our attorneys understand this and will review every piece of information and every document generated in your claim to determine whether a settlement is right for you and to secure the benefits you deserve in a settlement.

About Workers' Compensation Settlement Options

When your employer's insurance company or their attorneys offer a settlement, there may be several options. Some of them are:

  • Accept the offer. When you are ready to close your case and the offer is acceptable, then you may want to accept. An administrative law judge who presides over all hearings and appeals, must approve the settlement offer before it is final. This usually requires an appearance at a settlement hearing.
  • Not ready to settle because you feel you need more medical treatment. Communicate your concerns to the insurance company and that you are not ready to settle.
  • Want a second opinion. You do not have to settle when you are in doubt about your health. You can request that the insurance company send you to another doctor for a second opinion.
  • Ready to settle, but the offer is not acceptable. You have the right to negotiate a different amount. If both parties agree, you will see an administrative judge for your settlement hearing.
  • Want to verify my disability rating before settling. If you want your disability rating verified, you have the option to see a doctor of your own choosing. This would be at your expense.
  • You have ongoing medical needs as a result of your injury. You have the right to have these written into the settlement agreement to be paid into the future, or an additional settlement amount to cover these needs written into the agreement.

Contact a Kansas City workers' compensation attorney at our firm for answers to any settlement questions and skillful settlement negotiations on your behalf for the full benefits you deserve. With our Guarantee, you cannot receive a lesser amount than what may have previously been offered to you.