Missouri Workers’ Compensation

Missouri Workers' Compensation Lawyer

Have you been injured at work?

Workplace accident can result in serious injuries, including spinal cord injury, head injury, neck injuries, back injuries, burns, brain injury, fractures and hand injuries. For most employees, workers' compensation will be their only option when it comes to injury compensation. Filing a claim on your own and fighting with insurance carriers for a just settlement can be frustrating and often results in less compensation than you deserve. Retaining the services of a Kansas City workers' compensation attorney can significantly improve your chances of receiving maximum benefits for your injuries.

Haight Stang, LLC is a highly regarded injury compensation firm that knows the many hardships you will face during your recovery. We have successfully represented clients in workers' compensation cases, and are committed to achieving the highest possible settlement for your injuries. We worked for insurance carriers at the beginning of our careers and are intimately familiar with their procedures and profit-oriented motivations. Our firm can help you avoid the common problems and aggravations claimants face when pursuing compensation, with the added peace of mind that your rights and interests will be protected by dedicated injury compensation advocates.

Workers' Compensation Attorney in Missouri

When an employee is injured on the job, workers' compensation can pay for medical expenses, lost wages, permanent partial disability and permanent full disability. Properly documenting your claim is essential, especially when it comes to providing medical evidence regarding the extent of your injuries. Our firm knows what insurance carriers look for when evaluating a claim, and will make sure your documents are meticulously prepared. We can also help you avoid mistakes such as:

  • Using sick leave to recover from a workplace injury when you qualify for loss of wages compensation
  • Counting on your employer to file the appropriate forms
  • Failing to respond to requests for information in a timely manner

We will manage all aspects of your claim until your case is concluded so that you can stay focused on your recovery. Our office will keep you informed of the progress of your claim and give you complete access to any case-related documentation. We will be attentive to all of your needs and concerns, and promptly return your phone calls.

Contact a Missouri workers' compensation attorney for dedicated legal representation if you are seeking workers' compensation.