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Reporting an Injury

As a worker, you may be faced with an injury while on the job. You may also be diagnosed with an illness that is directly related to your line of work. When these events do occur it is important that you do not wait before you file a report with your employer. This should be done as soon as possible since waiting can lessen your chance of receiving fair compensation. You need to file within 30 days and you can do this through notifying your employer in writing so that there is a record. Include the date that the accident took place or that you learned about the illness, when and where it occurred, the nature of the injury and your name and address.

If your employer does not give you the form for the report you can find a standard one on the site of the Missouri Department of Labor & Industrial Relations. Your employer or the insurer also needs to make a report to the Division about the injury or illness and if they fail to do this then you can get in touch with the Division's Fraud and Noncompliance Unit. In Missouri, an employer that has five or more employees is legally required to provide workers' compensation. There are certain exception to the Missouri Workers' Compensation Law including domestic servants of a private home or farm laborers.

When you are looking to file for workers' compensation, you want to make sure that your injury or illness is in fact covered. For an injury or illness from after August 28, 2005, they will need to meet the standards that are set for being "the prevailing factor." Learn more about reporting your injury and filing a claim for workers' compensation by getting in touch with our Kansas City workers' compensation lawyers at Haight Stang, LLC as soon as possible.