Medical Care for Injured Workers

The first thing that you should do when you are injured on the job is to seek medical treatment. You will need to report the incident to your employer but your health should be the first concern. Your employer or insurer is legally obligated to cover the cost of all reasonable medical treatment for the injury or illness. This also means that you should not have a deductible to pay. Included in this is the actual treatment, medical devices and prescriptions that are given. It is important that you are aware of this so that if you are billed you can make sure that it is addressed.

While your medical treatment should be covered, you may not always be able to choose the healthcare provider or physician that you are treated by. If you do wish to see another physician that your employer or the insurer is unwilling to cover, then you can do this at your own expense. Since seeking treatment options can be time consuming, there is the option of an employer using paid time off, sick days or personal leave to account for this time. When travel is necessary for treatment, the employer will need to pay for reasonable expenses but they are not obligated to pay when the travel distance is over 250 miles each way. For a worker that does not live in Missouri, a treatment location can be selected that is within 100 miles of their home or their job.

All treatment facilities are legally obligated to provide access to medical records by the injured party or their dependent, the employer or the Division or Commission. It is important that you do retain medical records for your files since these can be useful in many cases. After you have been treated, contact our Kansas City, MO workers' compensation lawyer from Haight Stang, LLC to start seeking benefits for your injury or illness.