Yes...You Should Make the Call

Yes...You Should Make the Call

Posted By Kansas City Workers Compensation Attorney || 16-Jul-2012

On our website,, we have tried to present enough information about workers' compensation to let visitors know what can and should be happening following a work-related injury. Even so, each case is different, and we simply can't anticipate and answer every question people may have about their claims. In order to do that, you need to call us. If you're worried about receiving some annoying sales pitch or being pressured into hiring us, don't be. That's not how we work.

While this blog entry may sound like a sales pitch about how we don't make sales pitches, there's a bit more to it than that. When people contact us, our first thought isn't, "How we can get this person in here to sign a contract?" It's, "What are this person's needs and what's the best way to see that they are met?" This may be nothing more than answering a few questions simply to confirm that things are already on the right track and what to expect as the claim moves forward. Other times, however, it may be pointing out in no uncertain terms that the caller is flat out being mislead by the insurance company and/or the employer and that immediate action is needed to help correct the situation.

The purpose for this blog entry is to make the point as clearly as possible that you won't know what can and should be happening on your behalf unless you call us to find out. There have been several occasions where we will actually tell callers that they either don't need us at all, or they may not need us just yet. Unless we can change your situation in a positive way that will justify the attorneys' fees we earn, then we'd rather you be happy with the information and advice we are more than happy to give free of charge. Of course, with our Guarantee, there's really no way for an injured worker to end up in a worse position by hiring us.

At Haight Stang, LLC, our goal is to have every injured worker receive all of the medical treatment he or she needs and the maximum disability benefits available under the law. This is a very different goal from what the insurance companies and employers want to achieve. If you really want to know both what you should be doing to protect your rights and what the other side should be doing to honor them, then GIVE US A CALL. No sales pitch – just honest information and advice with one thought in mind: To help you.

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