Our Guarantee

Our Guarantee

"If I'm already receiving medical treatment for my injuries, and any other benefits I might be entitled to, why should I get a lawyer? Wouldn't he just take some of the money I'd be able to get on my own?"

Not with Haight Stang, LLC! You cannot receive less than you would receive on your own. You have nothing to lose by calling.

Although they are far too few and infrequent, there are times when all appropriate treatment and benefits are provided by the insurance company while you recover from your injury. If the injury is severe enough, the treating doctor should provide a permanent partial disability rating at the conclusion of your care. The insurance company will then use this rating as the basis for a settlement offer. A common concern is that the attorney you may hire will then take a percentage of this same money and leave you with less than you would have received on your own. While this can and does happen at other firms, it cannot and will not happen here.

If all appropriate treatment and temporary disability benefits are being provided to you voluntarily at the time you retain our firm, we will write directly into the contract that, "the client shall receive as a minimum recovery the value of the treating doctor's rating should permanent partial disability benefits be paid."

Our goal in each claim is to secure the maximum disability benefits you are entitled to under the law. Sometimes, the difference between what the insurance company may initially offer and what your claim is really worth can be quite significant. In those situations, you still receive more (sometimes a lot more) at the end of the claim even after recovery of attorney's fees and claim expenses.

There may be that very rare occasion, however, where the treating doctor's disability rating and the resulting offer may be more reasonable. We would still pursue and obtain a higher value for your claim. If, however, a full recovery of attorney's fees and claim expenses would result in a lower net recovery to you, then we will reduce our fees in order to match that offer. This is why you cannot receive less by using our firm than if you don't.

This new and different approach requires us to be honest both with you and ourselves on whether legal representation is even necessary or beneficial. You truly have nothing to lose by calling. Find out for yourself and contact us today.