Our Difference

Haight Stang, LLC - Not Your Typical Attorney

Experienced. Reputable. Victorious.

As stated throughout this site, Michael Haight and Mike Stang have over 40 years of combined experience as litigation attorneys. More important than the length of experience is what they have gained by it and how it can benefit you. They each have established reputations of honesty and respect with their clients, the Judges they have appeared before and even the opposing attorneys they face in the courtroom time and time again.

Whether it was during their earlier years as insurance defense attorneys, or in subsequent years working for other law firms representing injured workers, Michael Haight and Mike Stang both kept a keen eye on what worked in maximizing benefits and, in some cases, what did not. They also saw better ways to assist and inform injured workers who are seeking advice and security. These are the driving forces behind Haight Stang, LLC. With the most up-to-date technology, and old-fashioned values, they strive to keep their clients informed and confident from start to finish.

Michael Haight and Mike Stang both believe that a relationship of trust and confidence is required between attorney and client. The workers' compensation system is already difficult enough without worrying over whether your attorney has your best interests at heart. That is why they have developed their Guarantee and their Pledge for all of their clients. Over the years, one thing has become clear to them, the only way to succeed is do more than talk the talk. You must walk the walk – both for your clients and against the opposition.