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Kansas City Workers' Compensation Attorney

Workers' compensation exists to protect the rights and health of injured workers – regardless of what caused a work-related accident. It also provides a system to protect employers and the court system from being overwhelmed by civil claims relating to on-the-job injuries. Unfortunately, employers, insurance carriers and the medical personnel they elect to work with can act against your best interests in the effort to protect their profits. You may find yourself being denied benefits you desperately need or being forced to return to work before you have fully recovered. Working with a Kansas City workers' compensation lawyer can help to protect you and guide you through the entire workers' comp process.

Legal Guidance with Worker's Compensation Cases

With over 35 years of combined experience, we are adept at addressing all facets of workers' compensation cases. Some of the areas with which we can offer assistance include:

Workers' Comp Claims
If you are running into any issues that are slowing down your access to medical treatment and monetary benefits, we can help. Many times, filing a formal claim with the Division of Workers' Compensation is a necessary step to force the insurance company to honor its obligations. We will use both our reputation for aggressive representation and our knowledge of the legal system to secure the benefits you are entitled to as quickly as possible. Remember, a threat is only as good as the attorney who makes it AND who can then back it up. Call us to find out more. Read more on workers' comp claims

Rights of Injured Workers
Injured workers have certain rights under the law. For example, you are entitled to all medical treatment considered to be reasonable and necessary. You have the right to secure a second medical opinion if you disagree with what their doctor has to say about why you're injured and the treatment you may need. You cannot be forced to perform work that would violate restrictions provided by your treating physician, and you cannot be fired simply for exercising your workers' compensation rights. It is important to know your rights in order to avoid becoming a victim of unjust treatment. Learn more about the rights of injured workers

Workers' Compensation Laws
The workers' compensation laws in both Missouri and Kansas can be a bit complicated and overwhelming. Being represented by legal counsel ensures you will be able to take full advantage of those laws without the stress and uncertainty of going it alone. It also prevents you from making a mistake that would endanger your benefits. To protect your rights and your claim, contact us right away. There have been recent changes to workers' compensation laws in both Missouri and Kansas that can have a significant impact on your rights and your benefits. Click here to read more about workers' compensation laws

Hearings and Appeals
When your case involves a hearing, it is vital that you are represented by aggressive and knowledgeable attorneys who can argue your case and present evidence on your behalf. Your attorneys can also assist you with an appeal if this becomes necessary. It is vital that each step is approached correctly in order to protect your rights. Workers' compensation is quite different from other areas of the law, and the right kind of experience is vital for successful hearings and appeals. Learn about hearings and appeals

Compensation Denials
If your workers' comp claim was denied, don't give up hope. You should NEVER assume that what the insurance company tells you about your claim is correct. Let us take a closer and, likely, a more accurate look at the facts and applicable laws. We can take the appropriate action to correct any perceived deficiencies in your claim and, if necessary, seek an Order for benefits on your behalf. It is vital these matters are addressed correctly as early as possible with the help of an attorney. Click here for more on compensation denials

Workers' Comp Process
The workers' comp process at its simplest would consist of you advising your employer of your work related injury, your employer filing your workers' comp claim and you receiving a payment. Unfortunately, many employers are only concerned with their bottom line as opposed to your needs. From the very beginning, complexities can occur and receiving a just payment can require having an attorney guide you through the entire process. To find out whether your employer and its insurance carrier are doing the right thing, please don't hesitate to give us a call. We will provide an honest assessment of whether representation will be of benefit to you and will advise you on the steps you should be taking now to protect your rights. Read about the workers' comp process

Workers' Comp Benefits
The benefits to which you may be entitled under workers' compensation include medical care and related mileage reimbursement. You should receive any treatment that is considered reasonable and necessary. This is definitely an area that is battled over quite often. As stated throughout our site, just remember that you do not need to simply accept the conclusions of their doctors on the treatment you may need.

Depending on the specifics of your case, you may also be eligible for Temporary Total Disability Benefits (TTD) or Temporary Partial Disability Benefits (TPD). These are monetary benefits paid while you are still in treatment and recovering from your injury if you have not yet been returned to work or to your regular rate of pay. Some restrictions do apply, and it is vital to protect this source of monetary support while recovering from your injury.

If your injuries are serious enough, then Permanent Total Disability Benefits (PTD) or Permanent Partial Disability Benefits (PPD) should be paid and should be paid at the right amount. These are monetary benefits paid for any long-term effects your work-related injury may cause. The insurance companies always try to minimize this compensation in the hope that you will simply accept what they are willing to offer. You are very likely entitled to more, and sometimes much more, than what the insurance company may offer to you on your own. Read more on workers' comp benefits

Workers' Comp Settlements
It is an established fact that injured workers do not often receive the full amount to which they entitled in a workers' comp settlement without the help of an attorney. Insurance companies will endeavor to pay as little as possible and will use all manner of tactics in this attempt. Even if you have already received a settlement offer, we can help. We will provide you with an honest assessment of whether formal representation will be of benefit to you and, with our Guarantee, you cannot receive less than what the insurance company may have already offered to you. You are truly in a no lose situation by calling us! Learn about workers' comp settlements

Third Party Liability
If your work related injury was caused in full or in part by the negligence, recklessness or maliciousness of another individual or an organization, you have the right to sue that person or company directly. For example, if defective equipment caused your injury, the manufacturer or seller can be held liable. Or, if you were injured in a motor vehicle accident while on the job, you would have BOTH a claim for workers' compensation benefits and a separate claim for personal injury damages. Read about third party liability

Insurance Responsibilities
Your employer is required by law to maintain workers' compensation to cover his or her employees. If they do not, but should have, there may still be ways to secure the benefits you are entitled to. There are also actions for which you and your employer are responsible throughout the claims process in order to protect your benefits, so it is vital you are aware of these. Learn about insurance responsibilities

Work Related Accidents
You do not necessarily need to be injured at your usual place of work in order to be covered by workers' compensation. If you are injured while performing your work duties, for example while driving to an off-site meeting, you may still make a claim. Also, some work related "accidents" occur over a lengthy period of time due to repetitive trauma (e.g. carpal tunnel syndrome). You are entitled to benefits for such injuries, and you should not be swayed if you have been told otherwise. Many types of accidents occur and we can help you pursue the compensation you need. Read about work related accidents

Types of Injuries
There are countless types of injuries which may be sustained in work related accidents. From construction sites to administrative offices, from dangerous equipment to slippery floors, enough hazards exist in the workplace to make workers' comp necessary. As stated previously, these injuries do not need to come only from a specific, traumatic accident. "Wear and tear" or repetitive trauma injuries can cause numbness and tingling, damage to joints and other physiological changes. These types of injuries are covered under workers' compensation as well and can be quite debilitating. We can help no matter the injury you have suffered. Read more on types of injuries

Kansas Workers' Compensation
Although workers' compensation is a legal obligation of employers across the country and many workers' comp laws apply nationally, specific laws can vary state to state. Our legal team is intimately familiar with Kansas law and has extensive experience fighting for our clients' rights in this state. Recent changes to workers' compensation laws have only made the system more complicated and difficult for those who have been injured and need protection.

Unlike Missouri and other states, Kansas allows for up to $500 in "unauthorized" medical credit. This can be used to obtain a second medical opinion or treatment the insurance company refuses to authorize. Any recommended treatment that has been denied can then be pursued at preliminary hearing, and you can even request a change in physician.

Kansas law does provide for temporary disability benefits under most circumstances while recovering from a work-related injury and under temporary restrictions. If your employer does not return to you work or to your regular rate of pay, contact us to make sure you are receiving what is fair under the law. A one week "waiting period" does apply before temporary disability benefits are due. This initial period then gets paid if the temporary disability lasts for three weeks or more.

Permanent partial disability benefits in Kansas compensate you for any long-term, functional impairment your injuries cause. In certain circumstances, you may even be entitled to additional compensation if you are unable to earn the same amount once your treatment is concluded. There are specific requirements and legal limits to the benefits available. The workers' compensation attorneys at Haight Stang, LLC will work with you to see that all of the benefits you are entitled to are both protected and maximized.

Read about Kansas workers' compensation

Missouri Workers' Compensation
If you have been injured in a work related accident or incident in Missouri, we can help. The slight variations of workers' comp laws and its administrative systems between states makes knowledgeable legal counsel vital. We take care to ensure your claim is addressed correctly in order to protect your benefits.

Missouri law does require the employer to provide reasonable and necessary treatment if sufficiently caused by an industrial accident. The causation requirement is commonly used by insurance companies to deny medical treatment to injured workers. It is important to clearly demand medical treatment and to confirm if it will be denied. If necessary treatment is then obtained through other means, it is possible to hold the insurance company responsible for all related charges. If treatment is not denied, the employer does get to designate the doctors who will treat you.

Missouri laws also provide for both temporary and permanent disability benefits where appropriate. The goal of the insurance company is to pay as little as possible in compensation for your injuries. Unfortunately, Missouri law specifically prohibits Administrative Law Judges from giving advice to injured workers on what is fair. The workers' compensation attorneys at Haight Stang, LLC have handled thousands of Missouri workers' compensation claims through both the settlement and trial processes. We can send you to a doctor we select to assess any treatment needs or to provide a different opinion on the disability benefits you are rightfully entitled to.

In certain circumstances, an injured worker in Missouri may be entitled to additional benefits against the Missouri Second Injury Fund. This may apply where a certain level of permanent disability is caused by a work-related injury, and preexisting disabilities also have been suffered. Contact the workers' compensation attorneys at Haight Stang, LLC to find out whether these benefits are available to you.

Learn about Missouri workers' compensation

Legal Help Pursuing Workers' Compensation

At Haight Stang, LLC, we are committed to being accessible to you throughout your case, offering only honest information and fighting relentlessly for your rights. This is our Pledge (link) to you. When you are represented by us, you cannot receive less compensation than you would have on your own. This is our Guarantee (link). Depending on the specifics of your case, you may be entitled to a minimum amount that would be determined by the insurance company and its doctors. Our skill and experience has helped us achieve significantly larger awards for countless clients. If, however, the amount we obtain for you becomes less than that minimum once attorney's fees and expenses are deducted, we will reduce our fee to protect the full amount of your minimum entitlement. This is our Guarantee. (link) You have nothing to lose and so much to gain by enlisting our help.

For help pursuing the financial assistance you need following a work related injury, contact a Kansas City workers' compensation lawyer.

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