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Below is a pamphlet from the State of Kansas that provides the initial information every employee should know if injured on the job. If your accident happened in Kansas, if you suffer repetitive motion injuries and a portion of the work activities that cause your injuries are performed in Kansas, or if you were personally in the State of Kansas when you were first hired, then Kansas jurisdiction will likely apply to your claim.


Below is a list of helpful telephone numbers and the website address for the Kansas Division of Workers' Compensation. There is also a Table of Maximum Benefits which shows the maximum weekly benefit rates depending on the date of accident. It also lists the maximum permanent disability benefits available depending on the body part injured and the severity of the injury. This table provides a general overview of the benefits that may be available, but you should contact an experienced Kansas workers' compensation attorney to better understand how this information applies to your particular situation.



Below is a helpful and informative pamphlet put out by the Missouri Division of Workers' Compensation for those who have been injured on the job. It lists the initial steps that should be taken if injured on the job and explains the employer's duties should this happen. It also includes basic information about the benefits available as well as contact information for the local Division of Workers' Compensation offices. While this basic information is helpful in gaining a general understanding of the system and benefits available, you should contact an experienced Missouri workers' compensation attorney to better understand how this information applies to your particular situation.


Below is the permanent partial disability benefits schedule and list of the maximum benefit rates that apply based upon the date of your work-related accident. Your benefit rate is equal to two-thirds of your average weekly wage for the previous 13 weeks before the week of your injury up to the applicable maximum. A very large factor in the permanent partial disability benefits you may be entitled to is the percentage of disability assessed by a doctor. It is important to know that the insurance company's doctor is NOT controlling in this situation, and you may be entitled to significantly more than what the insurance company is willing to offer you. Contact an experienced Missouri workers' compensation attorney to find out more about the benefits you may be entitled to.


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